Fun activities that will keep your kids busy

Every parent agrees to the fact that keeping children occupied for a while why trying to do those household activities that were postponed from last week can be quite a challenging task. It requires having supernatural powers doing five things at once and being in three different rooms at a time. However, these fun and interesting activities can actually help parents keep their children busy at least for a while.

Colored wire-wrapped rocks

As weird as it may sound, this is a fun activity that your children will love. For this activity they will need some wires, some buttons of different colors, shapes and patterns and some big rocks, which you should either buy or take some from your backyard for instance. Ask them to place some of the buttons on the wire and after they are done with this, all they have to do is wrap the wire around the rock. Make sure you seal the wire at the end.

Colored soap foam

Another amazing activity your kids will simply adore implies only 2 tbsp of dish soap, ¼ cup water, food coloring and a mixer. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl on the highest setting for nearly 2 minutes. After it becomes able to hold its shape, scoop it out into a larger container and repeat the process with as many colors as you want and until you obtain the desired amount of foam. This amazing sensory activity is definitely something your kids will love and something that will keep them occupied for at least an hour, giving you enough time to finish at least some of your household activities.

Apple gak dough

An apple-scented gak dough is something any child loves to play with, this is for sure. The main ingredients to make it are cornstarch, apple-scented shampoo and some food coloring mixed with water. Mix half cup apple-scented shampoo with a teaspoon of food coloring and stir the mixture until you obtain one evenly distributed color. Mix the colored shampoo with 2 ¼ cups of cornstarch and 6 tbsp of water. Mix the ingredients well and the result will be the apple-scented gak dough. It is for sure that your children can’t wait sticking their hands in it and playing with it all day long. You will keep them occupied for a while, but you should know you might have some trouble when it comes to calling them for dinner, not to mention that you have one more spot to clean.

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