Handmade Christmas decorations: ideal winter family activity

What could be more pleasing than awaiting the Christmas holidays together with your family? Mothers think of the cakes they are going to bake, children cannot wait for snow to come to go out and play and dads are making the present list. Winter holidays are a busy, busy time. Still, this is a time of joy and happiness, a time in which you need to reconnect with your loved ones and create memories. You might think that going on a winter trip is far too expensive and unpractical in this time of the year. There are other ways you could enjoy family time and add a bit of practicality. Do you have Christmas decorations? Instead of spending money on them, why not do something different this year? Why not make your own tree decorations this year? Here are three simple methods to do just that.


Ribbons all the way


Have you seen anything more festive than the elegant looking ribbons? Is there anything that spell out celebration better than the big red ribbon? If you are planning to make the Christmas decorations together with your family this year, then you need to visit theribbonroom.co.uk and see your options. Purchase ribbons and simply tie them in the tree. These little festive items are really simple to use and they have an amazing effect, greater than you thought.


Cinnamon sticks and sprigs


So you bought a few more ribbons. You don’t have to throw tem away or deposit in a box. Let your creativity run wild and you will find a purpose for them. Go in the kitchen and see if you have cinnamon sticks. You don’t have to use all the sticks, just a few, for the scent. Tie a ribbon and place them in the tree. You could also go out in the backyard or the park and collect a few sprigs. Glue six relative short sprigs together in the shape of a star. This way, you will have environmentally friendly Christmas globes and the cost is incredibly small.


Labels and cardboard


You might want to personalise the tree a bit. So, you need to invest in labels, preferably chalkboard labels. These are a great option, because they can be easily glued to surfaces and the writing can be easily deleted so you don’t have to worry about mistakes. Cut a few pieces of cardboard and write down the names of your family members, words that are related to Christmas, important dates and whatever else that cross your mind. Add a bit of personality to your tree and you’ll see that it looks better.