Strategies for introducing your children to practical skills

Making practical skills known to children has become a lot harder nowadays. They seem to be completely absorbed by technological means of entertainment and oftentimes miss the simple joys childhood has for them. However, implicated parents always find a way, and knowing your children well is a good start. Crafts and DIY projects seem to have a great impact on them. Creating simple items is also a great place to start from. Polka dot ribbon crafts are appropriate for both girls and boys and below are some ways of making them familiar with handy activities using it.


A skilled craftsman always measures twice and cuts once

A rule every DIY creator must know from the earliest stages of their passion. Use the previously reminded ribbon to create various toys and decorations. If they are too small for using scissors, do the cutting part yourself and let then measure the ribbon. A good example of DIY ribbon craft is a ribbon chandelier. Use a hula-hoop with a small diameter and make your children do signs on every piece of ribbon you are going to use, at a requested length. Practice the “measure twice, cut once” rule by, obviously, making them repeat the measuring part. After they make sure the ribbons are at the requested size, cut them. Tie as many ribbons as fit on the hula-hoop and create a support as well. Hang the chandelier on your porch or in their room.

Organizing is a craftsmen best friend

Owning ribbons in a variety of colours or patterns, as well as other DIY supplies? Make them acknowledge the relevance of an organized supply area. Make them separate the objects depending on their type and purpose. Help them and make it seem as a game. “Who is the best at organizing, wins the game!” Teach them to separate the ribbons depending on the width or pattern. Start by making a drawer special only for polka dot ribbons. They will easily understand the concept of organizing if you do so.

Design is an important step in artisans work

Make them realise they must visualise the final product in order to be able to create it. This is best accomplished if you teach them to draw the object before creating it. Teach them this step is called “design” and they will feel more important regarding their preoccupations. Ribbon projects are perfect for this because they are easy to put on paper. What to create that previously mentioned ribbon chandelier? Make them draw it before putting them to cut the ribbons. If they see how it is going to look, they won’t be confused about ribbon’s different lengths.

Teach them use tech resources for finding inspiration

Want them leave that tablet for a few hours, at least? Make them familiar with Pinterest boards where they can find inspiration for further projects. They will throw that tablet in no time when inspiration hits them!

As you can see, introducing children to DIY projects is not difficult. Try to implicate more in their life!